Hawaii Amateur Skimboarding League 2012: skimming is popular in Hawaii

Kyle "Little Man" Olson has conquered the second stage of the Hawaii Amateur Skimboarding League 2012 season, held at Yokohama Bay.

With small waves, sunny skies and gusty winds, all skimmers had to show their talent in more challenging conditions. The result was superb and proved that skimboard is capable of displaying high performances in difficult conditions.

In the Men's Pro division, Kyle Olson was followed by David Sterman and Anthony "Ace" Conlon. On the West side of Oahu, Keiao Gucwa Bucasas took the Women's category, Ka’eo Milles kept the 23 & Up title, while Puali Solomon won the 22 & Under division.

On the 16th June, the Hawaiian skimboarders will play their waves at Big Beach, in Maui. In August, the HASL tour goes to Kaanapali.

The Hawaii Amateur Skimboarding League has been created to bring together the recent popularity of skimboarding in Hawaii. With so many people skimming in Hawaii, old and young, male and female there is an opportunity for an organization to represent the Hawaiian skimmers.

Watch the highlights of the Yokohama Bay stage.

Yokohama Skim-O-Rama 2012 | Results

Men’s Pro Division
1st – Kyle “Little Man” Olson
2nd – David Sterman
3rd – Anthony “Ace” Conlon

Women’s Division
1st – Keiao Gucwa Bucasas
2nd – Heather Graf
3rd – Jaz Luke

23 & Up Division
1st – Ka’eo Milles
2nd – Irving Taba
3rd – Erik Covarrubias

22 & Under
1st – Puali Solomon
2nd – Brenton Ogasawara
3rd – Stephan Trimble

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