Lightning storm lights up final Texas Skim Jam

August 10, 2017 | Skimboarding
2017 Texas Skim Jam: pulling out a sunny trick before the storm | Photo:

It was not easy, but the Texas Skim Jam eventually celebrated its 10th anniversary. And apparently, it was the last one.

The event hosted by Skim2Live went underway at Cypress Creek, a well-known stream that flows from Snake Creek and Mound Creek to its mouth at Spring Creek, in the heart of Texas.

However, the flatland skimboard contest had its setbacks. According to the organization, Mother Nature decided to send out a lightning storm which halted the pro competition. The amateur division was taken out by Ben Hayman.

The good news is that the team behind Skim Jam 10 was able to capture ten minutes of riding before all humans were forced to leave the skim spot rapidly.

The footage features skimboarders Logan Davidson, Isaac Thomas, Casey Gackle, Ruben Gutierrez, Ryan Efaw, and Ben Hayman.