Meet Boomer, the Bengal cat who loves skimboarding

February 23, 2017 | Skimboarding
Boomer: the skimboarding cat

For those who still say cats hate water, here's a surprising exception. Meet Boomer, the Bengal skimboarding cat.

Boomer loves water sports, and his owner Robert Dollwet is a professional animal trainer for more than 30 years. Whenever the conditions align, Boomer steps on the skimboard and hits the gliding surfaces.

The feline has already learned a few tricks with this skateboarding brother Didga, a YouTube star with thousands of fans. Didga is an accomplished skateboarder who pushes off his skateboard.

Boomer is on his way to becoming a skimming champion, but he is also extremely social. He likes to play in the sand, and chase bigger dogs.

The Bengal cat is a domestic breed developed to look like leopards and behave gently. He loves water and baths and demands a lot of attention.