Michal Ambruszkiewicz: the Polish won the Red Bull Skim It for the second time | Photo: Kotlinski

Michal Ambruszkiewicz has taken out the 2019 Red Bull Skim It at Manufaktura Beach, in Lodz, Poland.

It is already a tradition that the holiday season in Lodz ends with the largest skimboard competition in Europe, in the heart of the Polish capital, i.e., the Manufaktura Market.

The prestigious flatland skimboarding event returned to central Europe and was blessed by favorable weather conditions, warm temperature and sunny skies included.

The contest celebrated its 8th edition showcasing some of the best inland skimming performers of the Old Continent.

The skimboarding strip was, as usual, populated with several types of obstacles, ramps, and sliders, which allowed riders to unleash their talent and bag of tricks.

Skimboarder-skater-surfer Michal Ambruszkiewicz ended up claiming Skim It Vol. 8 by putting out a solid and nearly flawless display of street-style skimming.

The Polish action sports enthusiast won the competition for the third time, after claiming the event in 2015 and 2017.

The one-on-one challenge formula also crowned Ola Jakubczak and Milosz Piechota winners of the women and amateur/under 16 divisions.

2019 Red Bull Skim It | Results

Pro Men
1. Michal Ambruszkiewicz
2. Michal Puchalski
3. Grzegorz Kuta

1. Ola Jakubczak
2. Agata Opora
3. Amelia Opora

Amateur and Under 16
1. Milosz Piechota
2. Kuba Kacprzak
3. Jan Bravo

Red Bull Skim It | Past Champions

2018: Dawid Pruski
2017: Michal Ambruszkiewicz
2016: Grzegorz Kuta
2015: Michal Ambruszkiewicz
2014: Remek Miczek
2013: Michal Puchalski
2012: n.a.

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