Tim Fulton: he turned pro and beat the pros | Photo: Fabiana Badie/LagunaSoCal

Tim Fulton has defeated Austin Keen to win The Vic Pro 2015, in Aliso Beach, California.

Epic conditions greeted professional, amateur and young riders, as one of the world's finest skimboarding got underway in the heart of California. With sunny skies and imposing barrels, it was all in the hands of the competitors.

And it is impossible not to mention one name: Tim Fulton. The skimboarder from South Laguna Beach stormed the competition with a dream run in a pounding shore break.

"It's crazy to reflect on the fact that the Vic was my first AM contest, the first contest I ever won as an AM, the first contest I turned professional in, and the first contest I have won as a professional!" expressed Tim Fulton.

"Top it all off it was all with this guy - right by my side - Sam Stinnett. I remember at 12 years old, Sam and I looking at the woody skim with all of the legends names that have won this contest in the past, and telling ourselves 'we will make it on there'."

The 39th Annual Victoria Skimboards World Championships also crowned Keiao Gucwa-Bucasas, in the Women's division. "KGB" defeated Casey Kiernan, Alexandra Badie and Pipa Pinto in the final clash.

"Happy ending to a very long skim trip. From the East Coast to the West, I'm finally heading back to Hawaii. Beyond grateful to be headed home with two wins," added Gucwa-Bucasas.

The Vic Pro 2015 | Finals

1. Tim Fulton
2. Austin Keen

1. Keiao Gucwa-Bucasas
2. Casey Kiernan
3. Alexandra Badie
4. Pipa Pinto

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