Noordwijk warms up for the European Skimboarding Cup 2015

February 26, 2015 | Skimboarding
Dutch Flatland Skimboarding Open: the pros shine in Noordwijk | Photo: ExPix/DFSO

The 3rd edition of the Dutch Flatland Skimboarding Open (DFSO) will take place between May 23rd-24th, in Noordwijk, Netherlands.

The flatland skimboarding contest is the second stop on the European Skimboarding Cup 2015 and has attracted 40 athletes in the inaugural year. Riders from 12 countries are expected to return to Noordwijk.

The skimboarding competition runs during the Noordwijk Kiteboard Open weekend. The event gives beginner skimboarders the unique opportunity to see and learn with the best professional European skimboarders.

The Noordwijk coast is the birthplace of the sport of kiteboarding in the Netherlands. In the last decade, the number of regional skimboarders has been increasing fast.

Adrien Raza, the 2014 European Skimboarding Cup champion, won the first event of the season in Dusseldorf, Germany.