Perry Pruitt claims the 2012 OBX Skim Jam

July 30, 2012 | Skimboarding
OBX Skim Jam: pro contest area looks good

Perry Pruitt has conquered the 2012 OBX Skim Jam, in Outer Banks, North Carolina.

The skimboarding competition is the fifth event of the 2012 United Skim Tour and was contested in good wind and wave conditions. With crystal green ocean and beautiful swell lines, Brad Domke, Sam Stinnett, Jason Wilson and Dave Scott and friends were delivering impressive performances.

The only goofy footer to reach the highest places was Dave Scott, who offered a wide range of tricks and skills to the audience in the beach.

Local star Perry Pruitt was looking forward to win in home waters, but Sam Stinnett also kept his trumps in the boardshorts. Barrels, 180 Airdrops and 360 Shuvit for everyone.

In the final heat, Pruitt and Stinnett showed why there's a rivalry in the air, every time they meet up. Perry conquered the first professional victory of his career.

2012 OBX Skim Jam | Results

1. Perry Pruitt
2. Sam Stinnett
3. Dave Scott
4. Jason Wilson
5. Brad Domke
6. Tim Fulton