South Side Shoot Out: showcasing the best skimboarders in the world

The 2012 South Side Shoot Out, presented by Skim USA and Alley-Oop, will be hitting the sands and waves of the South Side of the Indian River Inlet, in the Delaware State Seashore Park, between 2nd-3rd June.

The Pro-Am skimboarding competition is the fourth stop on the Skim USA Tour, as well as the second stage of the professional United Skim Tour.

The amateur divisions will be open to riders of all ages and skill levels.

All competitors will receive a free competition t-shirt and complimentary lunches on both days.

The 2012 South Side Shoot Out will showcase the world's best skimmers competing in Delaware’s famous shorebreak.

South Side is renowned for being one of the most powerful skim waves on the East coast and has a great chance for good swell with it's early June competition date.

Zap skimboards Alley-Oop, Eelsnot & Vavala’s Beach Things will also be putting on an amateur best trick event the night before the Shoot Out.

The winner will receive a $100 Zap gift certificate to Alley-Oop.

This is a great chance for amateur riders to showcase their skills in front of Zap Skimboard’s top professionals, who will be judging this special amateur contest.

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