Sam Stinnett: chasing the world title | Photo:

Sam Stinnett has claimed the Outer Banks Skim Jam 2014, in North Carolina.

The fifth event on the 2014 United Skim Tour had everything when it comes to weather conditions. On the first day of competition, and despite the small waves, the skies were delivering bright sun rays. The second day was cloudy and rainy, with choppy seas.

The heat is on. The first event of the second half of the tour played an important role in knowing who was ready to battle for the world title. After winning The Vic 2014, Stinnett had the board gliding his way.

The final heat saw Blair Conklin, Perry Pruitt, Sam Stinnett, and Jackson Tenney exchanging waves with rather different blood pressure levels. Conklin and Stinnett were eyeing valuable points for the 2014 United Skim Tour rankings.

In the end, and despite Blair's 180s and shuvits, Sam was able to convince the judges and take the critical decisions to the final stages: Vilano Beach, Santa Cruz, and Newport Beach.

OBX Skim Jam 2014 Results

Pro Men
1. Sam Stinnett
2. Perry Pruitt
3. Blair Conklin
4. Jack Tenney
5. Austin Keen

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