Sam Stinnett: sharp in the OBX | Photo: Skim USA

Sam Stinnett has taken out the Outer Banks Skim Jam 2015, in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

The skimboarder from Laguna Beach has once again confirmed his superiority in the shore breaks of the East Coast of the USA. The event had warm water, great slopes, and a competitive vibe.

Stinnett defeated Perry Pruitt in the final to secure the second consecutive triumph in the OBX Skim Jam. His trademark backside airs have also earned him first place in the overall rankings.

"Good vibes all around! So stoked to place first at the OBX Skim Jam! Couldn't be any more stoked!" express Sam Stinnett.

In the Women's division, Casey Kiernan proved she is the female skimboarder to beat in the upcoming seasons. The 2014 Women's United Skim Tour champion is en route to claiming yet another title, with two victories and only one event to go.

"I'm so happy I got to spend time with all my friends from all over the country, and I'm stoked for all the new faces I got to meet as well! Very thankful for a few waves we had and glassy conditions!" noted Kiernan.

"This was the third year anniversary of my first Pro contest and I'm stoked to say I won it for the third time in a row! The biggest thank you goes out to Zap Skimboards and Skim City for giving me everything I need to be able to compete and become successful at it, and to Skim USA for being supportive of continuing education and choosing to help me on my journey with the $1,000 scholarship."

Outer Banks Skim Jam 2015

1. Sam Stinnett
2. Perry Pruitt
3. John Akerman
4. Jack Tenney
5. Sam McCoy
6. Mo Just

1. Casey Kiernan
2. Ellen Wood
3. Libby Rendall
4. Alexandra Badie

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