Sam Stinnett reconquers the World Championships of Skimboarding

July 12, 2012 | Skimboarding
Sam Stinnett: winning skimboarding titles since he was born

Sam Stinnett has reconquered the Victoria Skimboards World Championships of Skimboarding, Aliso Beach Park, Laguna Beach, California.

Stinnett got the most out of the solid waves on offer to take the 36th edition of the classic event, which was broadcasted live online to the entire world.

Sam joins Bill Bryan in the record of winning the contest twice in the last 20 years. The battle for gold was, however, really tight. Morgan Just only lost the title by 1.5 points.

The reigning UST champion has already won two out of three event stages and consolidates his global lead in the world skimboard rankings.

There were good performances from a wide number of athletes. Blair Conklin, Brandon Sears, Bill Bryan and Teddy Vlassis have put out their best moves and creativity and got interesting rides and scores.

Awards were delivered to Tex Haines (oldest competitor), Tosh Johnson (youngest competitor), Paulo Prietto (best wave) and Nola Rodgers (best wipeout).

36th Victoria Skimboards World Championships of Skimboarding | Results

1. Sammy Stinnet
2. Morgan Just
3. Blair Conklin
4. Brandon Sears
5. Bill Bryan
6. Teddy Vlasis
7. Paulo Prietto
8. Tim Fulton
9. Travis Sampson
10. Perry Pruit