2015 Kalemba International Skimboarding Competition: an Angolan success story | Photos: Sumol Angola

Sam Stinnett conquered the 3rd edition of the Kalemba International Skimboarding Competition, held at Cabo Ledo Beach, in Angola.

A total of 28 skimboarders hailing from South Africa, Cabo Verde, Morocco, United States, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and the Netherlands competed in the event organized by Kalemba Skim.

The 2015 Kalemba International Skimboarding Competition ran amateur and professional divisions for both male and female riders, and it also provided water filtration systems to transform less expensive unsafe water into safe drinking water.

Joao Decidido, a 15-year-old member of Kalemba Skim, passed away after succumbing to a long illness. In memory of Joao, Waves for Water worked with local riders to distribute water filtration systems in Joao's neighborhood.

"Kalemba" means a big and strong wave. Kalemba Skim's goal is to provide a healthy environment for Angolan teenagers so they may live a life free of drugs and crime.

Sam Stinnett ended up winning the competition; Renato Lima finished runner-up, and Blair Conklin took third. The fourth place went to Lucas Fink.

2015 Kalemba International Skimboarding Competition | Final

1. Sam Stinnett (USA)
2. Renato Lima (BRA)
3. Blair Conklin (USA)
4. Lucas Fink (BRA)

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