Stinnett and Keen: a classic clash at Aliso Beach

Sam Stinnett has conquered the 38th Annual World Championships of Skimboarding, at Aliso Beach, California.

The Vic 2014 saw small but contestable waves breaking on the shores of Aliso, in Laguna Beach. Fortunately, the most consistent sets provided rippable lines to crown the champions.

The longest-running contest in skimboarding history had the women competing for the United Skim Tour (UST) World Tour rankings, so there was too much at stake. A total of 53 male and female riders dropped in.

Austin Keen, who leads the leaderboard with two event wins, was able to reach the final heat against Sam Stinnett. However, Stinnett showed he wants to discuss the world title in the following stages.

Sam claimed his third "Vic-tory," leaving Keen once again hoping for a maiden win in Laguna Beach. In the Women's pro division, Casey Kiernan defeated Tia D'Ambrosio, Erin Carpenter, and Keiao Gucwa-Bucasas in the decisive final.

38th Annual World Championships of Skimboarding | The Vic 2014 Results

1. Sam Stinnett
2. Austin Keen
3. Teddy Vlasis
4. Bill Bryan
5. Blair Conklin
6. Jake Stinnet
7. Tyler Stanaland

1. Casey Kiernan
2. Tia D'Ambrosio
3. Erin Carpenter
4. Keiao Gucwa-Bucasas
5. Jackie Gollbach
6. Skylar Wilson
7. Lanakila Kelliher
8. Alexandra Badie
8. Johnny Salta

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