Paulo Prietto: living a skimboarding hell moment at The Wedge

The Wedge in Newport Beach, California, is often named a bodyboarding wave. It's deep, vertical, tubular, irregular, and powerful. Some surfers like to challenge, and the results are obvious. Broken legs, ribs, and bruises.

Paulo Prietto has been skimboarding for a long time. In the above photo, he shows us how to make things possible from impossible missions. The wave looks like it was produced for him.

The Wedge delivered a strong winter season.

Before the boring "Black Ball" period, skimboarders enjoy their last waves in Newport Beach. From shore to shore, they negotiate the small seaside swell, get past the random wedge, and finish in full glory, back in the sand.

The first days of May 2012 were delivering six-footers to all Newport Beach locals. Some skimboarders got the most out of it and made a beautiful video.

From May 1st, no boards are allowed in the Californian spot to ensure swimmers' safety. No worries, there's always bodysurfing. With helmets, of course.

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