Austin Keen: throwing buckets of spray at the OBX | Photo: Laguna SoCal

The United Skim Tour 2016 entered the second half of the season. In less than a month, two events - Outer Banks Skim Jam and Vilano Pro/Am - ignited the East Coast.

With a victory at the OBX Skim Jam, in North Carolina, Austin Keen reminded everyone that he will always be a world title contender.

Despite having missed the first event of the United Skim Tour season in Brazil, Keen stepped up his game and stole the show. In the final, he defeated hometown hero Perry Pruitt.

"I am absolutely stoked to take the win and hold the torch! This contest was an unbelievable testament to the growth, stoke, and talent within the sport," expressed Austin Keen.

"Without a doubt one of the most memorable East Coast contests for me. There were so many awesome groms and supportive parents that really kept the skim stoke alive. We all battled it out in the semifinals, and it could have gone to anyone of us."

But the Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am Tournament was a different story. The contest had one of the best swells in years, and Sam Stinnett re-emerged from a relatively slow start of the season.

"I'm super stoked to take top honors here at the Florida Pro/Am! I just realized that makes it five Vilano wins in a row! Congrats to all the finalists!" said Stinnett, who defeated John Akerman by a mere point.

The battle for the United Skim Tour 2016 title will be decided somewhere between the TAC Skimblast and the Exile Oktoberfest. In other words, the Californian swells will crown a new world skimboarding champion.

Outer Banks Skim Jam 2016 | Final

1. Austin Keen
2. Perry Pruitt
3. Jackon Tenney
4. Blair Conklin

Vilano Pro/Am | Final

1. Sam Stinnett
2. John Akerman
3. Perry Pruitt
4. Austin Keen

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