Sununga opens the 2014 United Skim Tour

March 18, 2014 | Skimboarding
Renato Lima: representing Brazil in Sununga

It's on. The 2014 United Skim Tour will kick off on the 24th March, in Sununga, Brazil.

The boards are ready; the riders are set. The best wedges are expecting the best tricks, as a brand new skimboarding season opens new title races.

The United Skim Tour (UST) determines the UST world champion of skimboarding each year through a series of eight sanctioned events.

In 2014, the Tour will kick off in the iconic Sununga Beach, in Brazilian water, and will wrap up in the infamous Newport Beach, California.

This is an important year for the sport of skimboarding. The International Surfing Association (ISA) is planning to put up the first ever ISA World Skimboard Championship.

Check the 2014 United Skim Tour schedule.

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