Casey Kiernan: shredding in Indialantic | Photo: Zap Skimboards

Jack Tenney and Casey Kiernan have conquered the Boardwalk Blow Up 2014, in Indialantic, Florida.

Two days of waves, and plenty of smiles. The Boardwalk Blow Up 2014 run multiple divisions in the white sands of the Floridian town.

Light winds and high tides proved to be the best conditions for high-end skimboarding. In the Women's competition, Casey Kiernan displayed front and backside arsenal to claim the trophy.

Casey Ritzer placed first in the Boys category and runner-up in the Semi-Pro division. He is a name to follow in the near future. Naji Taha won the Senior Men, while Johnny Chappa stole the show in the Masters division.

The Pro final was definitely exciting. Jackson Tenney stole the show after performing a complete skim portfolio os Superman airs, long lines and wraps, and many other tricky maneuvers. Dave Scott came in second, Brad Domke took a close third, and Morgan Just kept third.

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