Casey Kiernan: ready to be a world champion | Photo: Zap Skimboards

Sam Stinnett and Casey Kiernan have claimed the Florida Skimboarding Pro/Am 2014, in Vilano Beach.

Six events down, and only two to go. The 2014 United Skim Tour season is ready to crown a champion, but there are still critical points to be disputed.

The Floridian stop didn't have big waves, but at least they were pretty contestable. When Nature commands, pro skimboarders have to adapt and show their talent in what's on offer.

With waves in the one-to-two foot range gave, Sam Stinnett managed to clinch the third consecutive victory of the season, and regained leadership of the overall rankings. There will be a Keen versus Stinnett duel till the end.

Casey Kiernan, who had already claimed The Vic 2014, gets another victory in the pocket and is already preparing the champagne bottle for the last event of Women's tour scheduled for the Balboa Oktoberfest, at Newport Beach.

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