Skimboarding: Europe loves it | Photo: PSO

The official schedule for the 2015 European Skimboarding Cup has been released.

Who's ready to dethrone Adrien Raza, the 2014 European Skimboarding Cup champion? Last year, the rider from the Netherlands won five out of the six events in the calendar.

In 2015, the number of skimboarders from the Old Continent expected in the battleground will likely increase, with improved tricks and bigger airs. But, wait a minute. It seems that Raza has already claimed the first event of the season, the Battle of the Boot, in Germany.

No worries, the title is still up for grabs. The 2015 European Skimboarding Cup will visit six different countries - Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Latvia, Sweden and Poland.

The champions will be crowned in the Polish Skimboarding Open, at the end of July. Let there be skimming.

2015 European Skimboarding Cup | Event Schedule

Battle of the Boot (Germany) | 24th January
Dutch Flatland Skimboarding Open 2015 (Netherlands) | 23rd May
Extreme Barcelona (Spain) | 13th June
Playground333 (Latvia) | 10th July
Hallifornia (Sweden) | 18th July
Polish Skimboarding Open (Poland) | 31st July

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