Tillman: the English Bulldog skimboarder | Photo: Natural Balance

They just love skimming. Yes, it seems like dogs are getting into skimboarding. And what really impresses is that they're not forced to ride. Dogs naturally run and glide.

We've seen a wide variety of pets riding waves on surfboards. However, they are quite often "invited" to surf by their beloved owners.

In this particular case, all dogs "ask" their best friends to launch the skimboard.

The English Bulldog loves water and sports. Meet Tillman, a Californian native who has already shown her skills in television series and high-end commercials.

When Tillman skims, she barks and seems very pleased.

Then, you've got Porter, the skimboarding dog who loves to hit the kicker and complete small airs. In a skimming competition for dogs, this boy would steal multiple Perfect 10s from the judging tower.

At Palavas-les-Flots, in the South of France, we discovered Tuxedo, a French Bulldog who is still in beginner mode. To start his skimboard training plan, he took a bodyboard to the water.

Twig, a Shetland Sheepdog from Belleair, Florida, has what it takes to become a professional skimboarder: beauty, brain, and athleticism. She skims better than many humans.

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