Laurent Lozes: getting ready to catch the Dordogne River bore

A skimboarder has ridden a tidal bore wave in the Dordogne River, in the south of France.

Laurent Lozes is probably the first-ever skimboarder to ride "le mascaret," i.e., the tidal bore. The ride itself is never easy, but launching from the riverside is next level.

It's all about timing and board control, and Lozes timed everything beautifully. He watched the wave travel up the river, took a few steps back, and then threw his skimboard down and across the water, and hopped on it effortlessly.

Laurent Lozes shared the ride with a fellow surfer, and his stunt impressed the skimboarding world. Hopefully, his skills will inspire skimmers from all over the world to try it in other tidal bore waves.

Sadly, after watching the video online, a small group of local surfers tried to intimidate the finless rider by threatening to blow out his car tires.

Do they own a 500-kilometer river that occasionally delivers a beautiful river wave? How will they delete hundreds of Mascaret surfing videos that have already been published on social media?

Let Laurent Lozes go skimming, and share his rides with the world. One day you're enjoying the stunning French "mascarets"; the next day you're in England surfing the Severn River.

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