The state of skimboarding back in 1986

September 14, 2012 | Skimboarding
Conly Ware: the skimboard style in 1986

Skimboarding has been evolving in the last decades but, in 1986, a TV show called "A Day at the Beach" highlighted the water sport on Southern California beaches.

"It seems like a lot of beach activities always have something to do with boards. You have surfboards, sailboards, boogie boards, skateboards, and now skimboards", says the "A Day at the Beach" host.

The news reporter briefly explains that the original idea of skimboards was born in the 1960s.

In Laguna Beach, California, the TV station talks with Tex Haines, one of the pioneers of the water sport. "It's very visual and spectators can see everything, unlike surfing.

Haines explains how to do turns in skimboarding and explains that the original boards were round and made of plywood. Now, they resemble surfboards. Later, the journalist talks with Conly Ware, who had been skimboarding from the 1960s on.

"A Day at the Beach" was aired in 1986.