The "Wedge" keeps bringing riders into skimboarding

February 10, 2014 | Skimboarding
The Wedge: the most popular beginner skimboard by Zap

The "Wedge", by Zap Skimboards, is one of the most popular skimboards for beginners and intermediate riders.

The brand from Venice, Florida, has been making boards since 1983. The team behind Zap Skimboards is still hand shaping every board like a national treasure.

The "Wedge" is the most popular plank of the classic series. With the assorted gel coat art style, each board has its own custom look and is available in three different sizes, depending on your height and weight.

The model built using Zap's composilite construction for unrivaled performance and durability. The "Wedge" is considered an all-round skimboard and it works great with novice riders who aim to start riding wave faces and pulling simple tricks.

The sleek outline also gives it a fast and sensitive ride and the pintail design turns with ease. Get your own "Wedge" by Zap Skimboards. You'll probably be enjoying it for the rest of your life.

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