Tom Curren: riding the orange bodyboard alongside big wave skimboarding master Brad Domke

Tom Curren has gone surfing with Brad Domke... on a bodyboard. The three-time (1985, 1986, 1990) world champion from Santa Barbara keeps breaking all wave-riding preconceptions.

The iconic surfer-musician has his own agenda.

Curren doesn't care what people might think when he paddles out on bodyboards and skimboards wearing out-of-fashion surf apparel.

The American has nothing to prove.

Bodyboarders - and especially stand-up bodyboarding enthusiasts - will love it.

Tom Curren joined big wave skimboarding master Brad Domke on a different surf session in Playa San Diego, Oaxaca, México.

The footage was shot on May 9th, 2015.

Ian Boyd, the author of the surprising video clip, notes that Curren was clearly trying to improve his skills on "finless wave tools."

He started with a boogie board, added a surfboard for additional floatation, and finally rode a skimboard.

Domke and Curren are sharing knowledge, and we will probably see the result of this unexpected partnership any time soon.

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