Tony Hawk: skimboarding with a skateboarding style

"Skimboarding is underrated. This is about as good as I ever got, but there is some raw talent out there". The words come from Anthony Frank Hawk, a man skateboarder also known as Tony Hawk. He tweeted it, and everyone opened their eyes.

In fact, "The Birdman" is absolutely right. Skimboarding is one of the oldest board sports ever, but it never got under the right spotlight. It's strange because all variables in skimming should favor its development.

Skimboarding only needs small waves to get going. This means the sport can be contested in almost all beach conditions.

At the same time, skimmers can pull a very wide range of tricks and maneuvers. These moves are super photo-friendly.

There's more. Skimboarding allows close contact with the beach and with contest spectators. Boards are affordable, and the show is always guaranteed.

The best skimboarders in the world can display impressive performances and even get barreled in finless mode.

Tony Hawk, the first man to land a 900º on a skateboard, knows what he is saying. Skimboarding is underrated and it is about time the sport gets full support from the International Surfing Association.

Skimming shares the DNA of the entire surfing family.

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