Zap Skimboards 2015: new year, new boards

Zap Skimboards has released the 2015 board catalog.

The leading skimboarding brand is launching a total of six new boards: Fuse, Fuse-X, Chimp, Pufferfish, Arrowhead, and Kiernan Swallowtail, a leaf that matches the style of the 2014 United Skim Tour champion, Casey Kiernan.

"New year, new you! New you, new skimboard! The best skimboard company in the world has blessed me with my very own pro model," expresses Casey Kiernan.

"Words can't begin to describe my gratitude for my wonderful past, present, and future opportunities and experiences thanks to the sport of ‎skimboarding‬ and Zap Skimboards."

The 2015 collection features 16 skim boards. Shaping materials include carbon fiber, e-glass, and rail rod.

Board thickness ranges between 5/8 and 3/8, with continuous or tapered core. Finishing touches include epoxy texture, tuff coat glass, and polylam gloss.

The Zap Skimboards for 2015 are available in 20 colors and three bottom art options. The skimming brand also markets traction pads, t-shirts, hats, and travel bags.

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