The "Wedge" keeps bringing riders into skimboarding

The "Wedge", by Zap Skimboards, is one of the most popular skimboards for beginners and intermediate riders.

The brand from Venice, Florida, has been making boards since 1983. The team behind Zap Skimboards is still hand shaping every board like a national treasure.

The "Wedge" is the most popular plank of the classic series. With the assorted gel coat art style, each board has its own custom look and is available in three different sizes, depending on your height and weight.

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Skimboarding: no fins in transparent waters | Photo: Exile Skimboards

The 2014 United Skim Tour (UST) schedule has been announced.

The most important skimboarding tour in the world will kick off its 2014 season on the 24th March, in Sununga, Brazil. It's the UST World Cup.

The Men's professional division will then travel to Cabo San Lucas, Dewey Beach, Laguna Beach, Outer Banks, Vilano Beach, Santa Cruz and Newport Beach.

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Brad Domke: proving he isn't wearing fins

Brad Domke has proven once again that you only need the smallest board to ride big waves.

The ultimate board rider is still to be crowned, but Brad Domke is one the most powerful candidates. While the entire surf industry discusses what's the best fin setup for a particular type of wave, the young skimboarder takes us to the roots of wave riding.

Domke is proud of his finless roots. This time, he brings us a new episode of his skurfing skills, a mix of surfing, skateboarding, and skimboarding.

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Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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Origami is the ancient art of paper folding. Kites were probably invented in China around 500 BC. Let's blend both crafts and make a simple, high-flying Origami kite.

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On November 26, 2018, the World Surf League (WSL) suspended the iconic Peahi Challenge, in Maui. Why? There was too much wind, and the conditions were too gnarly for big wave surfing.

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