Skimboard News Headlines and Top Stories

"Creek Daze" is the latest skimboarding film adventure from the Texas skimming community, who had a ripping 2012 summer.
Hugo Santos has been crowned the 2012 Portuguese skimboarding champion, at the S. Pedro do Estoril Beach.
The 2012 United Skim Tour is over. Sam Stinnett has been crowned the best skimboarder of the season, as the last stage Newport Beach defined the Top 10 riders.
Kelmer Sandoval has conquered the 2nd Skim Jam, held in Costa Rica.
Austin Keen has conquered the 26th Ave Skimbash, in Santa Cruz, California.
Skimboarding has been evolving the last decades but, in 1986, a TV show called "A Day at the Beach" highlighted the water sport in the Southern California beaches.

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