Brad Domke drops into "Skimdonesia"

Brad Domke is inviting the world into skimboarding. After riding the biggest waves on the planet with his finless board, the Floridian returns with a new movie.

Puerto Escondido, Teahupoo, The Right, Nazaré, and Jaws. Domke rode them all, in the most extreme conditions. Now, he is ready to reveal how he and his friends explored the waves of Indonesia.

Film director Dylan Palmer traveled with the star and captured the talented skimboarder and his art in the flawless blue barrels of Padang Padang, and other exotic Indo spots.

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Skimboarders ride the No Hands Bridge

Two skimboarders have ridden the flat waters of No Hands Bridge, in Auburn, California.

It looks a bit scary and dangerous, but the pedestrian bridge has enough protection for them not to fall off into the abyss. And flatland skimming knows no boundaries.

The idea came from photographer Brett Macadam. He believed he and his friends Nicholas Sheppard and Stephen Leonardi could ride a flooded bridge during the winter. So, why would anybody do it in the first place?

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"Esoterica" proves skimboarding is a high-performance sport

Skimboarding has become a high-performance water sport but, if you doubt it, watch the latest production by MOV.

MOV is a skimming collective dedicated to movie making. They want to bring the sport to the main stage and believe they don't need sponsors to do the job. All they need is a solid group of monthly video subscribers.

"Esoterica" is their fifth full-length film production, and promises to ignite the heart in every skimboarder. Every shot, every angle, and every wave is a remarkable moment. The movie features some of the world's best performers, including the one and only Austin Keen.

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Dimitri Maramenides, the founder and owner of Epic Kites, rode his kite a few hours before Hurricane Florence hit the East Coast of the United States.

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