Skimboard News Headlines and Top Stories

When the giant water curtain closes, it can be scary. Brad Domke is ready to conquer the world. His wipeouts are as epics and his greatest rides.
Sam Stinnett has claimed the Outer Banks Skim Jam 2014, in North Carolina.
Marek Wolkanowski has taken out the 2014 Playground333, in Latvia.
If there were any doubts, Brad Domke has put them to rest. Big wave skimboarding is here to stay and impress. Prepare to watch the biggest wave ever ridden on a skimboard.
Sam Stinnett has conquered the 38th Annual World Championships of Skimboarding, at Aliso Beach, California.
Finless backside tube rides, dangerous wipeouts, great escapes and flawless barrels.

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