Skimboard News Headlines and Top Stories

Who needs a car or a jet ski when you've got a boat? Austin Keen keeps impressing the board sports crew. The talented skimboarder re-invented the original concept behind skimboarding and wakeboarding.
They just love skimming. Yes, it seems like dogs are getting into skimboarding. And what really impresses is that they're not forced to ride. Dogs naturally run and glide.
The official schedule for the 2015 European Skimboarding Cup has been released.
The 3rd edition of the Dutch Flatland Skimboarding Open (DFSO) will take place between May 23rd-24th, in Noordwijk, Netherlands.
Few things compare to the unique experience of skimboarding. Most people glance at a skimboard and wonder why it doesn't sink into the sand as soon as you step on it. Instead, you glide across the water effortlessly.
When you get four inventive skimboarder with soft top surfboards under their feet, you could only have fun.