Greg Noll: The Art Of The Surfboard

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Greg Noll: The Art Of The Surfboard

One of the greatest surfers of all time, Greg Noll has built a considerable reputation as master of surfboard making, or "shaping."

Today, collectors and surfers alike prize his unique brand of board. Recently featured in the award-winning documentary feature, "Riding Giants," "Da Bull," in his iconic black-and-white striped trunks, was emblematic of big surf and fearless commitment.

In addition to being a pioneer of big-wave surfing, surf movies, and surf magazines, by the mid-1960s, Noll was one of the largest surfboard manufacturers in the world.

Now living in Crescent City, California, Noll still shapes twelve boards a year out of old-growth salvage woods-replicas of Duke Kahanamoku's olo and other exotica for collectors.

"The Art of the Surfboard" combines the art of building extraordinary surfboards with fascinating surfing history and photography. It's a must-have for surfers and surfing history buffs of any age.

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