From the earliest mention of it in Captain Cook's Journals in 1779 to the recent article in The New York Times - where surfboards provided a moment of collaboration between the Palestinians and the Jews - the surf has always been a source of inspiration, and not just for surfers, beach lovers, sailing aficionados, or nature lovers.

In "Surf," artist Peter Wise pairs 60 of his collectible and evocative, powerful small paintings of the surf with anecdotes from surf-lovers and aficionados around the world.

Whether professional surfing legends like Buzzy Kerbox, surfing journalists, or even business people who are surfers at heart - the artist puts side-by-side the inspiring beauty of the waves with stories from the people who know them best.

Here is a book that inspires surf lovers and anyone who understands surfing to be a metaphor for personal expression.

The surfing world has long been embraced by mainstream pop culture, thanks to a plethora of films like "Blue Crush" and iconic documentaries like "The Endless Summer" and youth culture itself.

Even people who don't surf like to endear themselves to the kind of qualities that describe surfers: adventurous, strong-willed, curious, independent, risk-taking individuals.

Beyond surfers themselves, this miniature art book will find a wide audience among aficionados of music, fashion, business, and art - as well as those who love to ride the waves.

Book Details

Author: Peter Wise
Publisher: Glitterati Inc; De Luxe edition edition
ISBN-10: 0980155746
ISBN-13: 978-0980155747