Surf Safari: Malibu to Panama

"Surf Safari" is a true story that follows a family in 1960s Latin America in search of adventure.

As surfers, they clung to the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Central America, often forced to travel unmarked roads through dense jungles to lonely beaches.

In addition to braving unknown waters and unexpected travel hazards always lurked as well - bandidos and armed soldiers of the ruthless dictators in those third world nations.

They survived a major hurricane and an earthquake and drove through the middle of an ongoing war. Several times, they were stopped by armed soldiers, automatic weapons pointed into the car until it was proven they were Americans.

There was even a brush with the law; the boys and Land Rover were arrested, then released, and another time, they were held for several days in El Salvador's main prison.

Few down there had ever seen anyone surf the terrifying waves that crashed on their shores. Entire villages came out to watch the boys surf waves they feared and expected to see them eaten by sharks.

When they emerged from the ocean, they were treated as local heroes, surrounded by kids who wanted to carry their boards and touch their shoulder-length sun-bleached hair.

After two years in Latin America, the Blanchard family moved to Hanalei, Kauai, where Holt and Brad still live and surf, including Holt's children.

Alana Blanchard, a top ten world pro surfer, helped her father and brother save Bethany Hamilton's life when attacked by a Tiger shark.

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