Waves of Wahines: A History of Women's Surfing

"Waves of Wahines" is a study of gender equality in the sport of surfing.

Drawing information from a wide range of sources, this book analyzes the increasingly popular sport of surfing through a feminist perspective.

From the origins of surfing in Hawaii to today, social and gender structures within society have played a part in the acceptability of women and girls to surf.

"Waves of Wahines" shows how surfing has become more available for women over time.

"Waves of Wahines" guides the reader through the long history of male dominance in the sport, where surfer girls defy traditional female passivity and are frequently unrewarded for their efforts.

Results show that even though women have faced near-complete exclusion from the sport, they are still courageous and surf and continue to fight male dominance in surfing.

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Author: Richelle M Reed
Paperback: 134 pages
Publisher: Reed Books
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615560520
ISBN-13: 978-0615560526
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