7 Girls

Seven of the best female surfers on earth showcase their dazzling skill on spectacular waves in the beautifully shot film "7 Girls".

Exotic locations, including Fiji, Tahiti, and Hawaii, provide scenery worthy of National Geographic.

And the women, among them top pros like Layne Beachley, Serena Brooke, and Heather Clark, conquer gorgeous and terrifying walls of water in athletic displays that are astoundingly graceful and gutsy.

Waterproof cameras venture right up to the waves (and sometimes slide under them) to put the viewer astonishingly close to the fast-paced action.

A lively soundtrack of rock and rap fits in well with the surfing action, and at times, the women briefly comment on their careers as pro surfers.

Rochelle Ballard, who is renowned for her skill surfing inside the "barrel" of the wave, jokes about her love of danger and remarks about one ride that turned rocky: "I enjoyed every minute of that ass-kicking."

"7 Girls" captures the epitome of female surfing.

World champion Layne Beachley, Australian firecracker Serena Brooke, Triple Crown star Heather Clark, Roxy Pro champion Megan Abubo, and other beautiful and talented female surfers charge exotic breaks around the world.