A Matter of Style

The revised release of "A Matter of Style" (1976) features California, Oahu, Baja, and Maui, from 1972 thru 1980.

If a surf film was successful in its first release and did really well on its second run, as "A Matter of Style," it made sense to add new footage to the original film and re-release it as a newer revised edition.

One would keep the best of the original film and replace the lesser-appreciated sequences. The difficulty was in keeping the continuity and flow of the original film.

"A Matter of Style" (1980) features a 19-year-old Shaun Tomson making his original statement on the North Shore way before "Free Ride" (1978).

Shaun was as loose as a goose in the juice.

Smaller and quick, it was a star being born, and you could see Shaun grinning with pride as he annihilated Off-the-Wall and Backdoor as it had never been before.

Pipeline, too, a backside attack that was precise and daring as never before.

Featuring Jeff Crawford, Michael Ho, Ian Cairns, Larry Bertlemann, Gerry Lopez, Phil Edwards, Tom Curren, Joey Buran, Davey Smith, Dale Dobson.