Absolute Mexico

Absolute Mexico

Witness the world's best surfers descend on a small Mexican community during a perfect swell.

"Absolute Mexico" is the latest endeavor from acclaimed surf filmmaker, Josh Pomer (The Kill Series, Wow, and Destination Point).

Captured on high definition video, see insane tube rides; interviews with top pro-surfer and gorgeous footage of one of the biggest days ever filmed at Puerto Escondido.

"Absolute Mexico" is a captivating combination of water, cliff, and shore angles with epic surfing, massive waves and one of the most beautiful settings in the world.

Featured surfers: Toby Martin, Cory Lopez, Chris Ward, Bruce Irons, Kelly Slater, Bobby Martinez, Andy Irons, Danny Wills, Kalle Carranza, Oscar Moncada, "CoCo" Nogales, Kenny "Skindog" Collins, Chuck Patterson and Danilo Couto.