Blackwater: The Story of a Place Called Teahupo'o

"Blackwater" is the story of Teahupoo, a humble Tahitian village, and a coral reef wave made from equal parts of beauty and terror.

The wave is undoubtedly one of surfing's most challenging and awe-inspiring waves. As Chris Malloy comments, "That wave has changed surfing forever."

The movie features fantastic surfing and commentary from a who's who of surfing, people such as Vetea David, Manoa Drollet, Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater, Tom Carroll, Mark Occhilupo, Bruce and Andy Irons, Layne Beachley, and the Hobgood brothers, to name a few.

For the first time, you can see and hear it all - the myths, the facts, the history, the stories, the consequences, and most of all, the unforgettable waves.

The music is top-notch with artists such as Adam Freeland, Red Whyte, Butterfly Effect, Decoder Ring, Paul Kearney, Katalyst, Pre-Shrunk, Clotaire, Inked Factor, Nora Drenalin, Volatile, Not For You, Switchkicker, Strength in Numbers, Erther, and Live, Love, Regret.

"Blackwater" contains loads of never-before-seen footage from over 25 of the world's best cameramen, exclusive interviews with over 50 great surfers, and just one big star - a surf location that's nothing short of unbelievable.