Blue Crush

They're three friends with one passion: fulfilling their dream of living the ultimate adventure amid the island paradise of Hawaii's fabled North Shore.

"Blue Crush" is a 2002 surf drama film directed by John Stockwell and based on the magazine article "Life's Swell" written by Susan Orlean for Outside Magazine.

The movie follows Anne Marie (played by Kate Bosworth), a young surfer who is preparing for the Pipe Masters competition in Hawaii, one of the biggest surf contests in the world.

She struggles with her traumatic past, including a near-drowning incident while surfing.

As she prepares for the competition, Anne Marie faces various challenges, including balancing her responsibilities as a surrogate mother to her younger sister, a budding romance with a pro football player, and her own fears about returning to the big waves.

"Blue Crush" delves into themes such as pursuing one's passion despite the odds, dealing with trauma, sisterhood, and the challenges women face in traditionally male-dominated sports.

The film was particularly noted for its realistic portrayal of women's surfing and the high-intensity surf action sequences, which were a major draw for many viewers.

The depiction of strong female athletes and the struggles they face resonated with many viewers, although some critics felt that the romance subplot detracted from the main story.

Hailed as an exhilarating "fun ride" by People Magazine, "Blue Crush" is an adrenaline-powered story of heartfelt friendship and non-stop action that The Washington Post raves is "a big, sexy, sun-splashed thrill."

Starring Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, Sanoe Lake, Matthew Davis, and Faizon Love.

Directed by John Stockwell.