"Campaign" is a surf movie by Taylor Steele.

Corporate America is ready to take over surfing, and the surf industry is taking over the sport we love.

So, the director thought of developing fake ads to promote some of the world's best professional surfers.

The flick's motto is "surfing sells." The overall irony surrounding the film's theme is colored action stunts from top performers.

The viewer can also choose five different soundtracks - the original one, but also rock-n-roll, funk, emo, and punk.

Movie Information

Release date: 2003
Director: Taylor Steele
Actors: Rob Machado, Dane Reynolds, Bruce and Andy Irons, Benji Weatherley, Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning, Keith Malloy, Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater, Kalani Robb, CJ and Damian Hobgood, Dean Morrison, Taylor Knox, Tim Curran, and Taj Burrow
Running time: 1:03:16
Producer: Poor Specimen Productions
MPAA Rating: Not Rated

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