Chasing the Lotus

For forty years, underground surfing video makers Greg Weaver and Spyder Wills documented surf discovery as it migrated around the globe.

Their shots captured on celluloid became the timeless images for such films as "Forgotten Island of Santosha," "Big Wednesday," "Pacific Vibrations," "Uluwatu," and many more.

"Chasing the Lotus" surfing DVD is a cinematic journey inspired by many of the reels lost in the making of these films.

Since that time, these reels have resurfaced and are now brought to light.

A fusion of rare super 8mm film, photo stills, and contemporary interviews blend together to make "Chasing the Lotus" the most in-depth look at surfing discovery ever made. Narrated by Jeff Bridges.

Featuring Gerry Lopez, Sunny Garcia, Rob Machado, Rory Russell, Peter King, Buttons, Chris Brown, Donavon Frankenreiter, Craig Peterson, Kevin Naughton Stacy Peralta, Mark Occhilupo, Buddy Boy, Allen Sarlo, Ronnie Burns, Rick Griffin, Herbie Fletcher, Joey Cabell, Corky Carroll, Munga Barry, Wingnut, Joel Tudor, Steve Pezman and Randy Rarick.

Shot on location in California, Cabo San Lucas, Mauritius, Bali, Costa Rica, South Africa, Reunion Island, Secret Reef, Maui, North Shore, and Westside Oahu.