Dark Fall

"Dark Fall" is all of us. It is a representation of NJ surfing, the lives we lead, the friendships we make, and the brotherhood that bonds us to our coastline.

New Jersey is but a spec on the map of the surfing world, and this film is our outlet.

It is a voice that's going to travel across the globe and explain our story.

Experience "Dark Fall," Alex DePhillipo's award-winning documentary, as he follows a year in the life of New Jersey's best surfers as they tackle some of the best surf right in their own backyard and travel to remote locations across the globe.

This film looks at the lifestyle of a cold water surfer and glorifies the most prestigious and naturally beautiful time for a New Jersey surfer, the fall.

Featuring Dean Randazzo, Sam Hammer, Andrew Gesler, Zach Humphreys, Clay Pollioni, and many more, shot in High definition, including work with the Red One, the epic surf film is a must-see.

Music by The Parlor Mob, ASG, Jumpship, Chris Arena, Sabotage Soundsytem, Bruce Springsteen, and more.