Delirium: A Trip of Madness

March 26, 2013 | Surf Movies

Delirium: A Trip of Madness

"Delirium: A Trip of Madness" is a full-length surf movie showcasing the best generation of Brazilian surfing. Pablo Aguiar shot the film in stylish colors, with an eco-friendly drive.

The footage was shot in some of the world's best surf spots: Australia, Fiji, Mentawai, Balneário Camboriú, Bali, Fernando de Noronha, New Zealand and California.

The surfers pictured represent the elite of Brazilian surf nowadays, with names such as world-famous Gabriel Medina, Miguel Pupo, Alejo Muniz, Adriano de Souza, Ian Gouveia, Jesse Mendes, Alan Fendrich, Jean da Silva, Marco Giorgi, Thiago Camarão, Michelangelo Bernardoni, Peterson Crisanto, Fernanda Fanta, and much more.

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