Based on true events, "Drift" is a story set on Australia's spectacular and rugged coastline in the early 1970s.

It begins in a remote coastal town with the two Kelly brothers, who spend their youth searching for the perfect wave.

Out of necessity, the family launches a backyard surf business, re‐thinking board design, crafting homemade wetsuits, and selling their new surf gear out of their van.

Battling killer waves, small-town conservatism, and hard-core criminals, the brothers persevere, daring to dream of a world where they can surf to live and live to surf.

A story of passion and corruption, deadly addictions, and fractured relationships, "Drift" tells a tale of courage and the will to survive at all odds.

Starring Sam Worthington, Xavier Samuel, and Myles Pollard. Directed By Morgan O'Neill and Ben Nott.