Drive Thru South Africa

In late summer 2005, the motorhome was fired back up, and the cameras started filming the latest installment of the "Drive Thru" Series in South Africa.

Donavon, Benji, and Pat O were joined this time by rookies Noodles, Lossness, and the legendary Pottz for an epic two weeks traveling beautiful South Africa.

Not only did they score the best J-Bay in five years with their Drive Thru buddy Slater, but they also discovered a super sharky secret spot that produced a perfect left point break.

Mix this in with some Durban beach break, ostrich racing, the world's highest bungee jump, and you get the "Drive Thru South Africa."

Starring Donavon Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherly, Kelly Slater, Pat O'Connell, Nathan Webster, Mike Lossness, and Martin Potter.

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