Fighting Fear

Mark surfs big waves. He is one of the world's best. He is fearless. Or he was fearless.

A horrific neck injury sustained while surfing one of the world's most threatening waves arouses his childhood fear of the ocean.

His dream to be the best could be over. It should be over. But there is hope.

Richie is Mark's best mate, piloting the craft that puts Mark into the world's biggest waves. He shares Mark's dream, yet he also has his own.

He works as a carpet-layer but trains to be a Mixed Martial Arts cage-fighting champion and big wave surfer.

He lives life on the edge and soon finds that if you push too many boundaries, you can cross with the law.

His world is rocked. Is it a knockout blow?

Featuring some of the world's most influential action sports athletes, including ten-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater, two-time world surfing champion Mick Fanning, big wave surfer Bruce Irons, three-time women's world surfing champion Steph Gilmore and two-time UFC world champion BJ Penn.

This feature-length documentary, filmed over three years, provides a unique insight into two world-class athletes and their personal challenges in sports with deadly consequences.

They celebrate the highs and survive the lows. It's not the mistakes you make but how you overcome them.

Starring Mark Mathews, Richie Vaculik, Kelly Slater, BJ Penn, Mick Fanning, Bruce Irons, Koby Abberton. Directed by Macario De Souza (Co-Director of the highest-grossing documentary in Australian history, "Bra Boys").