For as long as there have been surfers, there has been an accepted standard of what was normal - finless redwood planks in the 1920s, longboards in the 1960s, single-fins in the 1970s, thrusters in the 1980s, and 1990s.

But today, there is no standard; there is no norm. There is only a group of surfers that are going their own way.

"Fin" is an examination of the current state of the art, a time in surfing culture when surfers are compelled to ride whatever they want to facilitate a style that suits them best.

"Fin" is a study of the end of one mentality, a look at the current epoch of surfing history, and a celebration of a time in surf culture when what you ride means nothing, but how you ride it means everything.

Starring Alex Knost, Andrew Logreco, Andy Irons, Chris Bredesen, Colin McPhillips, Dan Thompson, Dane Petersen, Dodger Kremel, Flea, Herbie Fletcher, Julian, Joel Parkinson, Joel Tudor, Kekoa Uemura, Kelly Slater, Lucas Proudfoot, Mick Fanning, Pickle, Ratboy, Steven Thomas, Tanner Beckett, Titus Kinimaka, Tom Wegener, Wingnut, Wayne Dean.