Heavy Water

"Heavy Water" is an impressive biopic on San Clemente goofy-footer Nathan Fletcher.

Directed by Michael Oblowitz, the documentary follows the career of the big wave surfer, explores his roots and the influence his family had in his surfing life.

Fletcher has always had a passion for aerial surfing, but his recent stunts in waves of consequence have relaunched his career.

"I just always try to remember that it's only fun, and you got to remember that's why you started, and that's what you love about it," he once said.

His grandfather, Walter Hoffman, was a big wave surfing pioneer; his father, Herbie Fletcher, was a longboard star, and his older brother Christian is an aerial surfing innovator.

So, in a way, Nathan Fletcher proudly carries the legacy of his family.

The wave ridden at Teahupoo during the Code Red swell still is a timeless performance and one of the best of all-time at the Tahitian reef break.