In God's Hands

"In God's Hands" (1998) is a film by Zalman King released through Sheen Michaels Entertainment, a production company created by actor Charlie Sheen and Bret Michaels.

Mickey, Shane, and Keoni live to surf, but they aren't just counting sets. Theirs is not merely a search for the elusive wave but a solemn pact with nature - to take it to the extreme.

World-class surfers Patrick Shane Dorian, Matt George, and Matty Liu star in a dramatic adventure of friendship and courage featuring some of the most spectacular surfing footage ever filmed.

Director and co-writer Zalman King takes us on an action-filled tour of the most exotic and dangerous surf spots on the planet and shows why only a select few are good enough to ride the big ones.

They travel to Madagascar, Mexico, Bali, and Hawaii, seeking the ultimate wave, a 40-foot force of nature that travels at speeds up to 35 miles per hour.