Jamie O'Brien: Freak Show

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Direct from the bowels of the world's most fearsome wave, the deadly Banzai Pipeline, comes Jamie O'Brien, the most freakish surfer on planet Earth!

This human oddity will confuse and confound you with his stupendous stunts.

He's live, he's inside, and he's waiting to entertain you.

Jamie O'Brien will get you one way or another.

His first two films, "Freakshow" and "Freakside," are already major staples in the surf world and demonstrate just how incredible Jamie's two-sided attack on surfing is.

By pairing together his aerial antics across the globe with a barrage of dangerous reef stunts in his backyard on the North Shore, Jamie is bound to keep people coming back.

Watch the full movie "Jamie O'Brien: Freak Show" below.